Dear partners, have you received spam from us?
Tel.: +7 (727) 355 02 55
138, Block 2A, Dostyk Avenue, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Dear partners, warm greetings from SkyWay!


Recently, more and more spam mails containing infected files have been appeared and, perhaps, on behalf of our employees. In this regard, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask you not to open the attachments of these letters (distinguishing such letters is quite easy - you just need to pay attention to the text of the message and the sender - it is not SkyWay email domain, but from the name of our employee), and mark it please as a spam.The letters that we send contain only working correspondence for tourist services. For security in communication with you, we will send attachment with the name of "Tour" and your order number in our system.


In turn, we launched a filter to stop this virus and we ask you not to send us letters of the old *.doc format (standard MS Word -  .docx, we kindly ask you to send in this format), since our filter will send it to spam.


In case if you receive a notification of the banned letter or you have any other questions, we ask you to contact us: +7 701 984 2266 (whatsapp).


Thank you for attention!

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